CBE 313 Interface Science, Engineer & Tech



Surface tension and surface free energy (theory and measurement methods); Surface films on liquid substrates (surface potential, monomolecular films, Langmuir-Blodgett layers); Electrical aspects of surface chemistry (electrical double layer, zeta potential, DLVO theory); Solid-liquid interface, stability of dispersions, stabilization of suspensions, steric stabilization of colloids; Contact angle (theory and measurement methods); Emulsions, foams and aerosols; Wetting of surfaces by liquids, Lotus effect; Flotation, aggregation and flocculation; Detergency, surfactants, self-assembly, micelles and vesicles; Friction, lubrication and adhesion; Adsorption (Langmuir, BET); Characterization of colloidal particles; Applications of colloid and surface science in petroleum recovery, coating and painting, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry; Methods of surface characterization (AFM, STM, SIMS, XPS, LEED, GISAXS)
Course period09/3/11 → …
Course level300